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Watermelon and Tuna Ceviche. Wherever you are, summer is a time to savor longer days, lazy weekends and super light food! Fresh produce abounds and life moves at a more relaxed pace!

130gr yellowfin tuna
400gr watermelon
1 piece jalapeno pepper
40ml soy-yuzu sauce
greek red radish
grey smoked cyprus salt
atsina cress
chilli perls

Soy-Yuzu Sauce
40 ml lime juice
15 ml yuzu
15ml soy sauce(less salt)
1ml fresh ginger juice
2gr gochujang(red hot paprika paste)

Mix and blend all the liquids together constantly. combine the paprika paste and stir until the non thick mixture is fused.
this sauce can be also used in tartar and poke. its flavor combines light salty and sour, so it needs something sweet, sricy or landy. these options are like melon, watermelon, cucumber or cherry tomatoes.

slice carefully in one cm cubes the tuna steak. cut the watermelon,in a way that you will creat one cm cubes without any seed.
place in the excellent glass vessel of serax ten pieces of the tuna,sparcely,and grid a little bit of the smoked cyprus salt.
put the next layer with the watermelon cubes. place repeatedly layers of tuna and watermelon like pyramid.
moisture tuna and watermelon with ten mililiters of the soy-yuzu sauce. in the sea urchin vessel of pordamsa, which is accompaning the main dish, pour in thirty mililiters of soy-yuzu sauce with some of the chilli perls and the primes of the fennel. afterwards complete the flavors with thin slices of spicy greek radish, jalapeno fine cuts, chilli perls, transparent rolls of cucumber, fennel and a pintch of atsina cress.


Watermelon and Tuna Ceviche.

Watermelon and Tuna Ceviche


Giannis  Vidalis
Serving in many cuisines from the age of eighteen (agora,pj’s, big deals,kuzina,pasaji,some of those) and with eguipments the collaborations with excellent chefs and mentors, like: Michalis Dunetas, Aris Tsanaklidis, Nena Ismirnoglu, Giannis Solakis, this year he take over as executive chef two big associations.
The first one p.c.z. with the Pasaji Athens, the upper house and Clemente VIII and the second one Club Mykonos with the two five stars hotels Ammos Hotel,
and Mykonos Blank.
The biggest challenge of all are the four restaurants of the hotels, Kuzina Mykonos, Farina, Pasaji Mykonos and the V.I.P. My Ammos which are elevating the taste and the Esthetic in Mykonos.

Giannis Vidalis

Giannis Vidalis